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baby swim collar

baby swim collar

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❤️2022 Exclusive new designs

The Baby Swim Collar is a specially designed flotation aid that helps keep your baby safe in the water. Made of safe and non-toxic materials, the design follows the principles of ergonomics and conforms to the baby's physiological characteristics, and the size can be adjusted to suit babies of different ages.

Using the baby swimming collar can help your baby practice swimming, improve water and coordination skills, and at the same time reduce the risk of drowning. The use of the baby swimming collar is very simple, just put the baby collar on the baby's neck, adjust the size, and then swim or immerse in water accompanied by an adult.

❤️Suitable for babies aged 0~1

❤️Inflation checks are carried out in all productions. If there is a hole the size of a pinhole, please use a repair kit to repair it. The operation is very simple.

❤️If there is a defect that cannot be repaired after production, it can be returned or exchanged.

💕0-12 months, weighing less than 10kg, you can choose a collar

💕1-3 years old, weight 10kg-20kg, you can choose to lie down

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