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Baby Hair Trimmer

Baby Hair Trimmer

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❤️Product Features

💕Waterproof design of the whole machine, can be washed or soaked directly, saving new energy and effort

💕The arc design of the ceramic cutter head does not hurt the baby's skin, and the cutter head is more durable

💕Low noise design, in line with EU standard <55db, baby sleeps soundly without interruption

💕Charming curve design, comfortable hand feeling, stable grip, easy operation

💕The design of the power and the cutter head closely fits, the hair cutting is smoother, and the hair does not get stuck or pulled

💕Use environmentally friendly ABS raw materials and environmentally friendly inks, which are environmentally friendly, safe and more considerate to use

💕Easy charging design, fast charging, can stand by for a long time. 🌟Product parameters (general model)

💕Function: hair cutting

💕Accessories: charging cable, cleaning brush, lubricating oil for cutter head, anti-static hair cutting bib, hair sweeping sponge, 1mm-6mm dual-purpose comb (bald head and sideburns), 3mm-6mm dual-purpose comb, 9mm-12mm dual-purpose comb

💕Charging time: Usb plug for 3 hours (please charge for 3 hours for the first use)

💕Continuous use time: about 55 minutes

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